September 2019 - Meet the New Team!

After our auditions taking place at the end of August, Dhamakapella has gained a whopping EIGHT NEW MEMBERS for this school year! Our new Dhamakans come from all across the country and even different grade levels. Congratulations to Wayne Hou (Junior, Tenor 2), Suga Saravanan (Sophomore, Alto 2), Tara Dickinson (Soprano), Sahana Kannan (Freshman, Alto 1), Vivek Kapur (Freshman, Beatboxer), Anusha Mudigonda (Freshman, Alto 2), Oliver Shumacher (Freshman, Bass), and Jessica Suratkal (Freshman, Alto 1) for becoming new members of the Dhamaka family! Returning again this school year are juniors Komal Keerthy, Kevin Mallady, and Aashna Shah; and sophomores Divyam Agrawal, Eric Chang, Pavani Nukala and Kasey Pukys.

We already had our first performance this semester at the Farm Harvest Festival on September 14, and will additionally be performing at the Inamori Ethics Prize Event (Sept. 19) and Night Market Cleveland (Sept. 27) this month.

October has even more Dhamakapella events and performance in store. We are so excited to share these experiences with our “dhamazing” newbies!

August 2019 - Beginning of the School Year

Classes resume at CWRU August 26, and Dhamakapella is so excited to begin its 15th season! After 15 years of Dhamakapella, we hope that this competition season is successful and propels the South Asian Fusion A Cappella community forward. But first, we have many events taking place in the month of August that are important for upcoming First Year Students at CWRU.

First, Dhamakapella will be performing at the Diversity 360 Celebration during Discover Week on Wednesday, August 21. Although there will only be five of us on campus and performing, this is a great opportunity for First Year students to get a taste of Dhamaka’s talent and arrangement style! Second, First Year students will get the chance to meet with us and collect information at the Activities Fair Sunday, August 25. Be sure to find us at the table playing our recorded music!

Most importantly, auditions for ALL GRADES will take place August 27 and 29 from 6-8 PM, locations pending. Those auditioning only need to prepare 30 seconds of a song of their choice, and we will then go through some of our warm-ups to test your range. Announcements for callbacks will take place later that week!

Although school is just starting, Dhamakapella events will be happening fast! Check out our Facebook page for regular updates at the beginning of the school year. We can’t wait for our 15th year of Dhamakapella to begin, and additionally, we are so excited to meet our new members soon!